Why You Should Consider Copper for Roof Design

Copper Roofing: Why Homeowners Are Making the Switch

When planning a new roof for a building project, the idea of incorporating copper may not be your first thought. However, did you know copper boasts a rich history of being used for a variety of residential building projects? Let’s explore the benefits associated with copper, its versatile applications in design, and its customization options. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover how copper can significantly elevate your roofing design.

Benefits of Copper in Your Roof Design


Copper is renowned for its exceptional durability, allowing you the flexibility to incorporate as much or as little as you desire into your project. It not only resists the elements but also develops a protective patina over time. This patina acts as an additional layer, shielding the material from corrosion. Remarkably, even with constant exposure to corrosion, copper roofing takes decades to display signs of damage, making it an enduring choice.

Weather Resistance

Copper also has exceptional resilience against harsh weather conditions. Serving as a strong metal that withstands high winds, rain, and snow, copper is a preferred material for historic buildings’ roofs. The patina formed over time helps preserve the metal and, to many people, adds a touch of aesthetic authenticity. In essence, copper roofing elements showcase longevity, often outlasting the structures they adorn.

Energy Efficiency

Copper also stands out as an energy-efficient roofing material. During daylight hours, the material reflects sunlight instead of absorbing it. This property can alleviate the workload on HVAC units in the warmer months. Moreover, in the colder months, copper roofing acts as insulation, enhancing year-round energy efficiency when incorporated into your home design.

Design Versatility with CopperCraft by Fabral

A notable feature of CopperCraft is its seamless integration with both classic and modern home architecture styles. Recognized for its performance and curb appeal, CopperCraft offers numerous products to incorporate into your roof design:

  • Dormers: The skilled artisans at CopperCraft bring years of experience in creating copper dormers and skylights for residential homes. These custom roof design elements offer versatile options. They can feature a built-in window, enhancing interior spaces with more natural light. Alternatively, the louver dormers provide a stylish flair, serving a dual purpose by enhancing both aesthetics and attic ventilation areas.
  • Spires & Finials: For those seeking cultural components in their roof design, CopperCraft spires offer an excellent choice. Choose from a variety of classic styles or opt for custom designs tailored to complement the unique aesthetics of your project. CopperCraft spires can even be modified to accommodate cables for lighting rod systems.
  • Metal Roof Panels: CopperCraft metal roof panels allow you to make a big visual impact in your design. Crafted with double lock-standing seams, flat seams, and ornamental diamond design patterns, each panel brings distinctive character and charm to your roof design.

Utilizing Copper in Various Roofing Styles

Is your roof design intended to embody a specific style? Whether it’s classic gable, crossed hipped, or something in-between, incorporating copper into the design is a versatile and aesthetically pleasing option. Copper’s malleability allows it to fit into almost any design. While other materials might need special considerations, copper is flexible and easy to shape, working well for specialty designs like domes or even gothic-inspired arches.

Despite its durability, copper is lightweight, making it much easier to install. The weight of specific materials can pose challenges in roof designs, but meeting weight load requirements for intricate or complex roof designs is typically less restrictive with copper. CopperCraft provides custom fabrication, ensuring that copper elements integrate into nearly any roof design!

Personalized Copper Roof Design Elements at CopperCraft

CopperCraft has the capability to add unique style to a wide variety of buildings and roof designs. With a selection of industry-respected custom and standard copper roofing products, we bring proven experience to architects, home builders, and homeowners looking to achieve their ideal roof designs through unparalleled copper roofing elements. Contact us today to explore the copper roofing possibilities waiting to enhance your project!