Deep in the Heart of Texas

Project: Soaring Wings

Visionary yet timeless, Soaring Wings is a custom home that brings refinement to the rough and rugged landscape of the Texas desert. This project takes an intellectual approach to design that creates not only a stunning piece of modern architecture, but a piece of art. Soaring Wings features 840 customized, hand seemed copper panels that give this home a feeling of peace, beauty, and continuity.

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  • The copper panels weigh 20-ounces each, and are hand folded and seamed.
  • They require no maintenance, and left as is, will weather to a green patina in approximately 20 years based on regional weather.
  • The copper panels are 18 inches by 3 feet in size, and are staggered on an 8-inch pattern.
  • These panels utilize a pattern and means of attachment similar to that used by Frank Ghery on his famous Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain.
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  • Copper is available in a variety of finishes from the standard copper to a pre-weathered patina and freedom gray.
  • Product availability in 16oz, 20oz, 32oz and 48oz coil and flat sheet allows a designer and fabricator to design from a fresh and unique perspective.
  • On staff construction engineers are ready to help bring a design from sketching and planning to reality with professional project consultation.
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